Monday, December 8, 2008

Some unfortunate physics involving knit cotton underwear

It was 19 below last night. It got up to zero today. (That's farenheit, so another 32 degrees before anything actually melts.) We went to our Monday bowling league. Now a bowling center is not an easy or cheap thing to keep heated. Lots of square feet and cubic feet, and big blowers and fans... So the bowling alley does not keep the place heated overnight (except the rest rooms so the plumbing doesn't freeze.)
We got to the bowling alley on Ft. Drum at noon, and the temperature inside was 44 degrees (again, farenheit!) We kept our coats on. I kept my mittens on between frames. Three hours later, we were done with bowling, and the temperature was up to 57 degrees. I made a few unnecessary trips to the ladies' room, just to warm up.
Oh yeah, underwear. In dressing for bowling, I gave consideration to the fact that the bowling alley would be cold. (My estimate was seriously warmer than the alley. Nevermind.) I put on a cotton knit turtleneck and a wool pullover sweater. These two garments generally get along well, acting as one shirt. However, when throwing a cotton knit sports bra into the formula, things get to fighting with one another. I was doing a clothing adjustment after every frame. The turtleneck crept up with each arm swing, taking the sweater with it, and the bra did not allow the shirts to get back down on their own. They had to be wiggled and yanked back into modest compliance. This probably explains why I was not as cold as some people. I was working it!


NOLA said...

Because I live with the a/c guy, it's always 44 degrees at my house.

bcallegra said...

It's a long story but I've restricted access to my blog over concerns that the military is monitoring it (sounds hokey, I know!) If you give me your email address (or have Camie send it), I'll send an email from Blogger that gives you instructions on how to access my blog.