Sunday, December 7, 2008

Has the snow let up?

No it has not. It has pretty much been snowing since Thanksgiving, though the weather has cooled off, so no more power outages from trees falling over with the weight of heavy wet snow. Now the snow is anything but wet. It has reliably remained below freezing for the last 4 days, and the snow (lake effect) keeps coming. Going anywhere is an adventure. The roads are plowed, but not salted, so things are slippery (packed snow on the roads) and visibility comes and goes. When it goes, you'd like to not be on the road. We check the radar before we go to the store (1.7 miles away.)
Our foster dog, Buddy, has been here for the weekend. Since the Old Lady is gone, he finally had permission to go upstairs. (That was her bailiwick, and no visiting dogs were allowed.) I put his bed in my bedroom, so he could sleep in the same room with the rest of the pack.
The dogs went out, the dogs came in, the dogs went out again. And so it went all weekend. It kept the blood from settling in my butt.
When I was not shoveling, I spent several hours sampling on the passap (knitting machine). I really made a lot of progress. DH was working in the shop doing the christmas present thing.
It's fun to wander out to the shop, warm yourself by the stove, have a cup of tea, then go back to my own projects.
Well, it's time to shovel again. This is getting old.

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NOLA said...

Being a weatherman would have been easy up there.All I would have needed was a colorform snow flake and a white backdrop.(and a penis, of course)