Saturday, April 18, 2009

A job with the Census

I forgot what a pain-in-the-ass a job can be. No, you can't take your phone calls. No, you can't knit. (16 tons, and what do you get? Another day older an deeper in debt.) Anyway, the folks I am working with are nice, and it's nice to be out running the road, and getting paid. Oh, yeah! Now I remember why I'm doing this. It's the money.
And, I can still fit in my spinning day, my mk day, etc, during the month. And it's only part time and ends in the summer. (I am really saying all this to de-stress myself. Guess I like retirement a lot after all.)
Mark and Sally have been taking long walks in the woods, where Sally can find places to swim (the swamp). When they get home, Sally takes a nap on my side of the bed. The comforter looks like it's been to the swamp. The dog, however, is shiny and fluffy.
Gotta go to work.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Home Improvements

Whew! Home again! We spent a couple days in Tucson and then went to Denver for a visit with Gkids and their adorable parents. Mark decided to tackle a home improvement project- just something small to pass the time. Maybe he'd replace a light fixture. Well, the kids wanted to take the carpet out of the bathrooms and put down flooring. So that's what he started. Mark and Mark would pull the carpet, take out the toilets, and prep. Sharon and Kate would fit and put down the new sheet goods. You can already tell what is going to happen, can't you. I will only say that, by the time we were finished, no one will fall through the new plywood. No, toilets aren't supposed to rock- fixed that.
Anyway- we are back home, having flown on the only day last week when things were not backed up all over the country by weather and wind. Nice ride home. Glad to be in my own bed.
I saw the robins and starlings out shopping for nest material in the back yard. They were pulling pieces of dried daylily leaf from the flower beds. I put out a big wad of wool, knowing from past years that the birds consider it premo nest lining. They found it immediately, and started taking strands of it.