Friday, May 8, 2009

Sally + Porcupine = Tainted Love

Oops! It happened again. Sally found the porcupine- her barking told Mark that she had the critter cornered. by the time Mark met up with her three minutes later, she was sporting a face full of quills.
Sally was a good girl, and took her medicine- all those quills had to be pulled. Her face was puffy for a couple days after.
Then, she had a few quills in her face--AGAIN! How could that be? She has been on her leash the whole time.
Well, it seems that Mark collected the quills in a bowl as he was taking them out of her face, and left the bowl on the porch. He found them dumped on the porch. Guess Sally couldn't resist a sniff.
She can NEVER resist. She is ALWAYS sorry..... but she can never, never resist.
I know how she feels.