Saturday, April 18, 2009

A job with the Census

I forgot what a pain-in-the-ass a job can be. No, you can't take your phone calls. No, you can't knit. (16 tons, and what do you get? Another day older an deeper in debt.) Anyway, the folks I am working with are nice, and it's nice to be out running the road, and getting paid. Oh, yeah! Now I remember why I'm doing this. It's the money.
And, I can still fit in my spinning day, my mk day, etc, during the month. And it's only part time and ends in the summer. (I am really saying all this to de-stress myself. Guess I like retirement a lot after all.)
Mark and Sally have been taking long walks in the woods, where Sally can find places to swim (the swamp). When they get home, Sally takes a nap on my side of the bed. The comforter looks like it's been to the swamp. The dog, however, is shiny and fluffy.
Gotta go to work.


NOLA said...

I helped you with the census when I was pregnant for Camie.Wasn't there a familt that named their children after booze?

sharonwue said...

I think you are confusing innocent people with out family... or a song.

NOLA said...

One child was named Brzndy and another was whiskey. I am not confusing any one with our family who's names include:Shasusie.Pasusie and frasusie as well as: get outside and: find something to do!!