Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wobbley Stripes!

I visited Karen Allen's site
last week, and was inspired by her stitch designs. Thought I might have a try at some of these wonderful stripes. I figured out that all of her sweaters, scarves and hats are based on a couple of multistitch tuck patterns. I found one of the patterns in the stitchworld collection, and I recreated the second one from scratch. Then, I sampled.
Pictures 1 and 2 show a 2 color, two row stripe in a simple 1 row tuck. I will play with this some more, as I think this is how the caravan pattern stripes are made-
The pic 3 is knitside, and then, purlside. I used 4 colors and the stripes were 4 rows. Stripe order: BRB, ERE, GBG, EGE, RBR, EBE, RGR, GEG. I am loving the possibilities.


Aunt Bananas said...

Well done ma'am..

CR said...

very impressive!

NOLA said...

If you made the wobbley stripes with bunny fur you'd have waskaly wabbits