Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dotty's daughters


I like my houseplants BIG.  Thus, when faced with having to repot, or divide, the conflict is always how big a plant I can save.  Well, D-day arrived for the begonia.     This is my darling Dotty, a full 30 inches of danging jungle.
If you read the books, you are supposed to take small cuttings, and start new 'babies'.  Then, in three years, you can have THIS!  I prefer to root large cuttings and have dangling jungle by winter.  So, the pots, the hose, the bag of potting soil, me and Dotty , and an hour, and we now have...

This.  Dotty's daughters need a few days to rearrange their leaves so they are all facing out- they will look just fine then.  However, I now need space for three pots, instead of one.  I've got some ideas.

I also chopped up and repotted a variegated philodendron.  Just an 'after' picture here, but you can use your imagination.

Also three more pots.  Anybody need a philodendron?

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