Monday, May 2, 2011

5 (or 7) easy pieces

 So here's the little tiger's bomber jacket and boots.  This was knit from DAK shapes, standard sizes.  Just put in my gauge and followed.  I did use full fashion decreases, and that gave me nice raglan seams.  I almost followed this pattern all the way...   But...
It's hard to see in this pic, but there's two rows of purl about 3/4 inch above the bottom ribbings.  That's where I started to wander.
 I didn't want to use rib on the front closing.  So, I hung the edge, and used quaker stitch, giving my garter bar a little exercise.  It turned out nice and neat, and the buttonholes are hidden in the knit ditch between the two purl bands.  In the above pic, I am stretching them open with pins to show you where they are hiding,  The ending purl band curls under, so finish is neat.

Then, I repeated the quaker stitch for the cuff of the booties.

Here's a pic of the 5 garment pieces just off the machine.  The back argyled nicely.  Didn't expect that!

I used a sock weight hand-painted 100% merino yarn from Pollywogs.  It took two skeins (each was 50 gm, 218 yds).  I used the Singer 560, with the ribber.   The ribs were done at tension 4/4 and the rest was done at tension 6.2.

Notice that I used sock yarn, and made socks.  Must. Break. Out. of this. Rut.

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