Monday, March 28, 2011

Blue Toed Tyrolean Clown Socks

My tyrolean clown is 6'7", with size 13 clodhoppers.  He likes a sock with a deep (10" ) cuff, and needs socks that do not bind anywhere, but stay up anyway.  I always MK the rib as an industrial rib- a k2p2 half-pitch rib which has 30% more stitches than a full-pitch k2p2.  This means that, aside from making humungous socks, the rib part is also eating up extra yarn.  I always plan on three 50 gm skeins to finish a pair of socks for DH.  If I have less than that, he gets blue toes. I'll be running out of blue sock yarn some time in 2015.

This winter, we were helping to host the Adirondack Mountain Club winter outing, and Mark was always pulling up his pant leg to show people his socks.  People would come up to me, and tell me how much they like the socks, and how much DH likes them, too.  I told them this is why I don't make him underwear.


isrbrown said...

OMG!!! Those are some big a** socks! I love knitting stuff that the DH shows off and WANTS to wear. Yeah, we've had the underwear discussion too. :D
Hugs !!!

Theresa said...

Those are huge. Good job though. I need to check out that rib since I very seldom use my ribber.