Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What to Name the Cat

There's a week's worth of kitty crap in the box, but the cat remains without a name. Of course, the cat doesn't care. But, she IS trying to get herself named. She streaks through the house, starting her ascent to the bathroom counter before it is even in sight. She runs so heavily on the upstairs carpets that she would make a pony proud. She energetically fishes the treat off the top of the stool, manuevering it over the edge of the seat, to fall on the floor, where she chomps it down and looks up for another. She leaves a small dimple in the bedspread, on the opposite side of the bed from the dog's big dimple. She works patiently to get every door open, no matter how long it takes. She sleeps in the Old lady's chair. DH thinks that Parker (a la 'Nosy Parker') fits her. I'm thinking 'Bullet' or 'Crash'.
I'm thinking that a young cat takes a little getting used to, after years with a geriatric one. But I do like the way she feels. She's firm, sleek, and thoroughly relaxed in my arms. She drapes on my shoulder. She stretches up to meet my hand.
I like that the dog likes her. Sally suffered the disapproval of the Old Lady without complaint. This cat not only accepts Sally, she enjoys Sally. Sally is ecstatic.
If you have any good cat names, let me know.


Iretti said...

I think YAYA - for the two Ys on her forehead

sharonwue said...

YaYa is the top name on the short list. thanks.

Mr. Max said...

I like how you described her pounce on the upstairs carpet. "Pony", or perhaps "Stretch" or "Dimple". Good luck with your decision.