Friday, June 12, 2009

A week At Wellesley Island is like a Month...

We dragged the camper to Wellesley Island, a whole 35 miles from home. We got there, in the rain, on sunday. We slept 10 or 11 hours. The phones are turned off because we are on 'roam'- nothing but canadian towers in range. We can't get US radio, just canadian. we might as well BE in Canada. the border is actually about 100 yards in front of us- the Canadian Coast Guard boats are by several times a day. Monday, I read. And read. The rain had stopped. We drove back to Carthage to golf inour leagues. Tuesday, we went to Kingston- a little shopping, and lunch at a favorite restaurant. An hour at the casino on the way back. Wednesday, we laid around- friends came by for the afternoon- then more friends showed up for an ADK event- a kayak paddle from our campsite to the rift and back. I turned around before the rift. I didn't want to deal with paddling against the current to get back through the rift. (For those who do not know the waters around Wellesley island, the rift is a narrow granite channel in the river, over which the international bridge, and border, is located. If you paddle in the rift, you can paddle under the bridge at the border!!! (We have done this before, notable on the day after 9-11. You gotta love life in the North Country.)
Any how- we had a great covered dish picnic, with burgers and dogss, and s'mores.
Thursday- we went golfing at the little 9 hole course in Fineview (another state park- the senior greens fee is $6. )
Came home Thursday night, as it was going to rain again.
Now it is Friday, and we are doing a week's worth of laundry and then heading out for a weekend in Corning, with you-know-who, and you-know-who-else.
I hope somebody wants to go to the races.

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CR said...

and a week at the outer banks is like 5 minutes...
It flew by...