Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Inner Knitter's OCD

Well, I made this shrug- a great color, a wonderful texture. It's huge, and light, and warm. It's up-to-the-minute in-fashion. What's wrong with this picture? My IK is NOT happy with the edge. (You can't SEE the edge, I tell her. You know it's there, she answers.)
There IS a lot of edge to this garment. But you really can't see it when it's worn. IK is worried that another knitter will examine it, and will be able to discount the garment for it's glaring faults, the way IK can, when she sees a garment that she wishes she had made, but upon close inspection, finds the flaws that allow IK to just KNOW she would have done a better job.
It6 was my first shrug, I told her. It was idiot knitting, she answered. After lengthy dialogue, IK and I arrive at a compromise. I will immediately point out and confess the flaws to anyone who looks at the shrug. IK is not particularly thrilled with this course of action, but has to live with it, because it demonstrates that IK is right, something IK is not capable of disputing, ever.
Because IK is very prickly after this conversation, I have to decided make something that IK will not have a problem with. I am considering what that might be. Pie, perhaps. Apple pie. Ala Mode.


Aunt Bananas said...

Pie makes everything better.
IK may be there to hold the bar high and enforce the unachievable standard of perfection with all else noted as acceptable attempts striving ever closer. But not even IK can with stand the power of pie.

NOLA said...

Who is IK?
IK needs to learn how to shrug this off.
Speaking of pie...I am having cake.

CR said...

can i have this imperfect shrug?
i think she was made for me.
also, i am so excited you are doing so great with c25k. I am going to try to do a week 6 workout tonight...we'll see...